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When it comes to gifts, we're all about giving more fun and less stuff. Elfless Acts guides you through 3 simple steps to design a creative Elfless Act from loads of amazing present ideas for family, friends and event your office secret Santa.

Check out this list of gift ideas below - you can copy an idea from here and paste it directly into the voucher text when you click 'create now'.

So what are you waiting for? Get gifting!

I promise to bake you a cake because cake makes everything better! Tell me your favourite and I'll get baking.

Fancy a brew?I'll make you a nice pot of tea for your next meeting. I'll even get your favourite biccies too.

I promise to take you to that cute bakery I'm always going on about, and buy you whatever you fancy.

Hark the herald angels sing, I'll brighten your day with home baking! Let me know your favourite flavour!

Escape the office - I'll take you to my favourite lunch spot, my treat. There is such a thing as a free lunch...!

I promise you a hot lunch of your favourite food delivered to your desk. Let me know what you like and I'll sort!

Long week? I'll make sure there's emergency chocolate in the fridge for you - a perfect way to round off the week!

Cuteness overload! Every day for a week I'll send you a GIF of a baby animal. Because who doesn't love that?

Skip the boring meal deal, find your homemade lunch in the fridge for a week! Let me know what your like and I'll sort!

Let's buddy up! I'll help you succeed with any New Year's resolutions you choose and stay motivated. Let's do it!

I promise you a week of surprises delivered to your desk. Get ready to be spoiled! The fun will come to you.

Let me entertain you! I'll share my three favourite films with you so you can check them out and enjoy them too.

Banish the January blues! I promise to send you a joke every day for a week after the holidays. LOLZ galore.

This is surely a contender for the best present ever - for one week I promise to do a task you hate. Seriously.

This Christmas, your present is the promise of one hot chocolate at 3pm every day for a week. Marshmallows on top?

I'll make you a playlist for your commute! Tell me how long it is and I'll give you a soundtrack to start the day.

Rockin' around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday! When we're back in January, I promise you a weekly treat

I solemnly promise that I will approach the desk of any person of your choosing and sing a Christmas Carol to them.

I promise you a spa day of relaxation and pampering. Take some time out and let yourself be spoiled. You deserve it!

Pass the popcorn, let's go to the cinema! You choose the film and where we go. A silver screen treat on me.

Let’s make some music! This year your present is a guitar lesson with me. Pick a date and let's get strumming!

This year for Christmas instead of something you might not like, I’ll make you a board game! How's that for unique?

I promise you an outdoor concert in summer - I’ll bring the picnic of your favourite things. Fingers crossed for sun!

Why should the tourists have all the fun? I'm going to take you for a night at the theatre, on me. Pick a date!

More fun less stuff! This year for Christmas I promise you a day out of your choosing - let me know where, my treat!

Instead of a boring present, this year I'm gifting you a fun springtime afternoon of woodland foraging.

This year instead of something you might not like, or might possibly forget, I’ll write you your very own poem.

I know you love learning new things, so this year my gift for you is learning a new skill (specify what)

Unleash your inner artist this Christmas. This year I'm giving you an art lesson - get ready to get creative!

Let’s go fishing! Wellies, maggots and a day hanging out. What could be better? Plus we might catch our tea!

Let’s go glamping! Like camping, but with proper beds and fairy lights. Camping with comfort - you'll love it.

Your present from me this year is a personalised treasure hunt! Clues, joy and wonder. You'll love it, promise.

Instead of something that might end up in the bin, this year I’m going to give you a lesson in crafting/knitting

Cook like me! You’re always complementing my cooking, so this year for Christmas I’m giving you a cookery lesson.

Get your dancing shoes on…this year for Christmas I'm going to give you a dance lesson. We'll own the dancefloor!

I promise you a weekend camping in the great outdoors. I'll sort it all out, all you need to do is turn up. Deal?

This year my present is to take you to watch your favourite team. Just don't forget to explain how the game works.

My present to you this year is the promise of a summer picnic, I'll sort everything, all you need to do is turn up!

Get snappy! I promise to give you a photography lesson and cover the basics so you can make your photos even cooler.

Let's go climbing! Your head for heights and sense of adventure make you the perfect climbing companion. Let's do it!

I'll come with you to see your favourite band - see you down the front! I'll even learn all the words and sing along.

Hard as nails - this year for your Christmas present, I'll give you a manicure. Pick a date - and a colour!

Going underground! We both love an adventure, so this year for your Christmas present, let's go caving.

Ahoy there sailor! Let's take to the seas for a day's sailing. New skills, sea spray and sunshine. Smashing.

It might seem a long way off now, but for Christmas I'm buying you tickets to a music festival. Roll on summer!

This year my present to you is the promise to do your hair and make-up before a night out. Bring on the selfies!

I'm getting crafty this Christmas - I promise to make you a homemade blanket. Cosy, colourful and one of a kind.

For your present this year, let's volunteer together. Fancy making the world better and hanging out at the same time?

Knowing how much you love quizzes, I am making you a personalised one this Christmas. Get ready for glory, quizmaster!

Let's get clever! This year my present for you is us going to a lecture together. I have a list for you to choose from!

More fun less stuff! This year my present for you is a visit to a farm to see the animals. I promise you a fun day!

Animal lover that you are, I’m taking you to the zoo. I'll even hold a spider if you want me to. Let's pick a date!

I know how much you love learning, so I’m taking you on a museum trip! You choose where, I'll do the rest!

This year for Christmas, I’ll make you something to add to your fancy dress box. What would you like most?

I'm giving you a day to remember instead of stuff you might forget. Let's go to a theme park! Your choice.

I promise you that I'll make you a crochet animal. The creature and colour are up to you, the rest is up to me!

I promise you an afternoon of my time doing jobs around the house. You'll be in charge and I won't complain, honest!

I promise to come and visit once a month. And always bring cake with me. Let's create some more memories!

Instead of buying something you might not like for Christmas, I promise to call you twice a week this year

Make do and mend - this Christmas I promise you a day of my time, sewing and tailoring anything you need.

I'm flexing my greenfingers...this year for Christmas I promise you an afternoon of me doing your gardening!

I promise you a day trip - I’ll take you out to anywhere you want to go. Your choice! I'll even bring a picnic.

Here's a gift worth its weight in gold - I promise I’ll help out with any jobs you need doing around the house.

Instead of buying you stuff you don't want or need, I'll buy you a subscription to your favourites museum/magazine.

This Christmas I promise I will show you how to use a laptop/smartphone/iPad. AND I promise I'll be really patient.

This year your Christmas present is a back massage from me. Get ready to relax! Who needs a spa when you've got me?

I promise to bring you breakfast in bed every day for a week. I'll even let you lie in (once). How's that for a treat?

Get ready to ROFL! For your present this Christmas I've bought comedy tickets to see (Person, Place).

I promise to take you out for a romantic meal somewhere fancy/to our favourite restaurant/to our local.

That's amoré!I promise to make you a romantic dinner at home of your favourite food. I'll even get candles.

This year for Christmas, I promise to take you back to where we went on our first date. How romantic is that?

More fun less stuff! This Christmas let's go for a long walk. Fresh air, countryside and a pint at the end. Deal?

Your Christmas present is a mini-break on me. Good food, long walks and a bit of a pamper. Get your leave booked!

I promise you a movie date of your choice. I won't complain about what we see and we can get the popcorn YOU like.

This year for your present, I promise you a cooking date. Time together and a delicious meal at the end of it. Perfect!

This year I promise you an afternoon of my time giving career advice and CV help. Let's get a date in!

Instead of something you might not like or need from me this Christmas, I've arranged for you to shadow me at work.

More fun less stuff! This Christmas I promise you a guided tour around your favourite city. Tell me where and I'll sort!

This Christmas I'm giving experiences not things & I promise to throw you a party. You say where, when, who & I'll do it

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